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released December 26, 2014



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The Telephone Projects San Diego, California

this project was conceived on new years in 2013

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Track Name: haikus
there i saw you
words where made of haikus
higher than the ceiling tops
won't come down
glued into the carpet ground
moving sounds
i'll take them down with me
much too far
we'll see
one two three four
were lost to graves
or padded doors
nurses trays and doctors mask
hiding behind a codeine flask
Track Name: the smell of gasoline
there there there you laid in the street
tires at your feet with the smell of gasoline
and i couldn't feel a thing
its hopeless I'm soulless
and numb to everything
behind me it feels as if your watching
with the heavy breathing exercises
that just won't get off me
and the light the light that is coming out your eyes
you grab it and you hide you hide you hide
now I'm hearing voices from the mouth
of the ceilings in the house
don't look now because my visions going out
the room is filled with blurred sounds
but the smell the smell the smell of gasoline
its is coming back to me
Track Name: the light
there's a voice inside my house
there fire in my mouth
i don't understand
or quite know who i am
used to stand on ground
now floating all around
dreams of burning down
everyones favorite town
drinking from an oragne cup
don't do it
playing the devils chords
i'll do it
shredding all the flags until i fake my own death
can't see my hands out my eyes we look bland
convinced I'm not awake
I'm floating everyday
i can't see the light
even angels will hide
keep me up all night
do the whispers run off
can't hear them its not a fight
but sam never does die