Faustian Children

by The Telephone Projects

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    these are some tapes i made entirely on my own. they come with an insert, and a pin, some surprises and all that good shit. hope you enjoy it!

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released January 1, 2014

thank you annie for singing and playing saw/bass.



all rights reserved


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The Telephone Projects San Diego, California

this project was conceived on new years in 2013


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Track Name: cold coffee
buried in cancer
i am your cancer
you where so perfect
i'm not as perfect

i am not worth it
i cannot do this
i can't do anything
im so sorry

you'll be just fine
you'll be alright
please do not worry
i'll just be leaving

shaking in you're sheets
smoke on the ceiling
again they will haunt me
why did they leave

top hats cold coffee
smoking on empty
why can't you see them
why don't you see them
Track Name: good luck
sitting in your bed
writing melodies i know you'll be dead
before the smoke even left your breath
and the parks not big enough for your trip
avoid each elephant of which you had kept
a sick attempt
the intentions where clear
late night voyeuristic fears
you brought it down to the desk
where you kept your cigarettes
rocking back and forth
crushed pill that you'd sort
keep each whisper sweet and short well
good luck
im not good enough
watching your rolled back eyes
as I'm glued to the floor
leaning up against the door
to stop anyone from entering
sick pains from the mumbling
ringing wight the highest of frequencies
i can't believe how i high your voice
was each night
composed of stories that i will never share
how could i
Track Name: 666 years
the basement collapsed
and i saw walls breath at that
moment when the collars passed

the roads they come a bit too fast
you're broken bottles will never pass
avoiding scissors from each hand
your broken bones they felt like sand

change everything in my sight
i never did want to die
write about the
same fucking death for 5 years

(66) 6 is coming up this time.
i know its not enough this light
i'll take it out. if i can't help
the demons that you felt

offer up everything
take out the apostrophes
my lungs have never felt so heavy
i think

so we're walking backwards
but i'll never trip
on this pavement

oh the elephants could help
i swear. but is it worth it

but am i worth it.

and i'll hold it down
i swear
but the way
that you shake is
killing me
Track Name: the sink was filled with blood
there once was a cross that lived inside my basement
and i had sworn to god that i could hear what is was saying
paintings in the faces of the notches in wood
as i asked you what they meant
you said you know or at least you should
there's blood in the sink and i swear it wasn't me
nor could it be yours you haven't shaved in weeks
you walked in the room and said that this was our water so
go ahead. and drink
i made a claim that you're insane
watched your face as it went blank
you agreed but the pills fuck up your brain
it'll never ever be the same
so you said you angels and that god was in your head
so i suppose i always figured i saw demons instead
satan's in my bed. maybe he never left
if only i could recall what it is that he said
your wife is a mess and your daughter's nearly dead
you called a holy lightning bolt and it struck them in the head
who would have known that you could use god as your personal hit man
Track Name: glass
walking on broken glass
do you miss the train tracks
stomach linning's all torn up
lungs collapse its not enough

your dead parents talk to you
they won't leave you want them to
hear you from across the room
scratching skin they will leave soon

your veins are tar
train tracks know that
you're never coming back
after all you walk to fast

i can't keep up I'm not enough
after visions of top hats
think i'll never sleep at that
room where the lines just can't help but move

the glass has grown
keeps on coming back
you could clean it up
but after it won't last
grow out all your finger nails
loose track of bible verses that fail
from each others curses
satan could stay right here
but your wilderness camp
still adheres to broken jazz filled mirrors
Track Name: what would faust do
the sky it seemed to bleed
and i swore that it was perfect

the elephants in my mind have left
so i swear that i'll be just fine
when i saw those walls on fire
i thought. there was no need for the lighter
however i wanted to see the flames grow
but I'm all out of gas and the stores all closed
there is no wind here and there's bodies on the road
so if there's no one left. that makes me the very worst

and the walls they all fell down
the prison cell's don't matter now
Track Name: i want to be demon