i'm sorry

by The Telephone Projects

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released September 18, 2013



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The Telephone Projects San Diego, California

this project was conceived on new years in 2013


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Track Name: i'm an elephant
i won't forget anything
or that fucked up way you looked at me
its the same as each voice in my brain
its the same

please keep laughing stare at nothing
your face is looking just a bit too thin
your eyes are so much blacker
your eyes

i like to think its all my fault
but that's not fair
no not at all
please stop staring. don't look at me

13 nights. i remember everything
13 nights. i can't forget anything

what should i do
Track Name: 3 weeks
how much further will i go
feel so awful you told me so
i don't get it
i can't see anything
or what the hell is starring right in front of me

raised and told that i was evil
cursed under my breath
instead of above the table
always felt empty
always knew i'd never sleep

god please don't wake me
how would you? you're sleeping
god won't you kill me
your just as fucked as always
these angels aren't yours
those angels yours

it's always the same
but why are they missing.
its been 3 weeks
sense your ghost has seen me.
Track Name: god is sleeping
i've been grinding my teeth in my sleep again
don't know where i'm going or where i've been

i've been talking to god in my sleep again
she's been busy. the whole time i swore she'd been dead
i can't get satan's voice out of my head

why would i want to

i read every single page that my father sent to me
when i was done i almost sent him the ashes

it seems like every single time i'm waking up in the
middle of that night
that night to five is so useless
Track Name: 1 am
1 am
that clock never changes
and we worshiped the television
you entered that room
and put three bullets in here womb
i didn't know what to do
i just listened to that language
lined up
your eyes they where empty
i feel back knowing you wouldn't catch me
but i'm fine
i'm really just fine
Track Name: elegy
when that needle went into your skin
i shuttered just a bit
i swore i saw that doctor grin

so i went up stairs and simply just listened
you where so fucking thin
and your hair was falling

then i drank acid each night
woke up with bags under my eyes
i screamed at god i asked her why
well god she knows why

those elephants in your head
would stick around after you bled
and now they watch me every night
they won't leave. i hate this sight

i know that you're still there
but why'd you leave god its not fair
your ghost is in the air
why do i still care

and if sam was still here
i know he'd want to disappear
for what he has seen
and heard from me