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released March 25, 2014

thank you annie for instrumental, and vocal, contribution



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The Telephone Projects San Diego, California

this project was conceived on new years in 2013

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Track Name: drawings
blood in your mouth.
drips in the house
lips cut open
no one's hoping
that they got up
razors aren't enough
lazy lovers
cry all day

i don't know what to do but burn sigils for you
until the light looks right and the house burns bright
room's out of sight, but i want to watch him die but its just to hot inside
to hear chokes of smoke going down his throat
no one really knows how he got down the stairs
no one really know why the knuckles so bare
my head is spinning both ears are ringing
throwing up on counter tops asking if your ready
can't feel shit and i can't see the pictures
devoid of all voices that once sounded clear

should i have asked about the matches in the back pocket.
Track Name: sigils
sitting at red lights tonight
with matches on my eyes
try to light it and drive
its not to hard i swear
the skin so bare
we want to see it tear
i am not the only one with
demons that reside in me
i'll do nothing but good
and try to save you

trying not to wake the neighbors
thank god that fire is silent
hear the choir
the house is hazy
they'll call us crazy
i feel sane and
am too sick of waiting.
Track Name: court
when the rain came god was laughing
destroyed my artwork gave it to his father
watching bodies wheeled out from that doorway
the basement's the only thing untouched by flames

they got so scared when the match hit the gas
they got so scared my eyes they where black
sigil drawings just won't pass
the skin tears so slowly

i picked up his body and laid it down in the ground
the birds at out his eyes and his mouth.
whispered to him that you finally have a purpose now.